If you want to take good care of your feet, you can start with these 5 key points!

Point 1: Daily cleaning is a basic skill

Rinse your feet with lukewarm water every morning and evening, but don't soak your feet in the water for too long. In addition, it is recommended that the water temperature is only slightly higher than the body temperature, and do not use soap with too strong cleaning power. Too high water temperature or excessive cleaning is more likely to cause dry and cracked feet due to damage to the stratum corneum of the skin, and there is also a risk of burns.
After cleaning your feet, it is recommended to use FunghiClear™ Armor Spray twice a day to fully nourish and keep your feet and nails in the best condition.

Second point: keep your feet dry, but don't forget to moisturize

Whether it is in the shower room of sports venues, swimming pools, saunas, etc., or after taking a bath at home, you should keep your feet clean, especially pay attention to the gaps between your toes and dry them with a clean towel! After this, you can use a moisturizing lotion or foot cream and apply it to the entire foot (except between the toes) to keep the foot moist to avoid chapped skin. Remember, don't put your socks on right away, and let your feet breathe if you can.

Point 3: Carefully choose socks that touch your feet

Socks need to be changed every day, just like underwear !

Point 4: Keep the inside of the shoe clean

Shoe choice is very closely related to foot care! Make sure your shoes fit your feet so that the skin on your feet doesn't get bruised from a lot of friction. In addition, it is recommended that you prepare several pairs of shoes that can be replaced every day, wear the same pair of shoes for 2-3 consecutive days at most, and store unused shoes in a well-ventilated place.
If you have a habit of exercising, it is recommended that you regularly spray FunghiClear™ Essential Oils Spray into your frequently worn shoes, which can help reduce odors on your feet or in your shoes through natural essential oils.

Point 5: Healthy Lifestyle

Finally, and most importantly: keep your feet healthy at all times. We brush our teeth and wash our hands every day, but we often overlook the same important foot cleaning and maintenance!
Whether you are active or not, your age, and whether you are affected by disease, healthy feet will "help you" and ensure your quality of life. That's why you should take care of your feet and let FunghiClear™ follow you every step of the way to develop healthy feet starting today.